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  • Turn Hearers Into Doers

Do you want to see people transformed,
or just informed?

Remember when you first experienced your calling to make disciples, and felt like your life had a significant purpose?

For many of us, that feeling is not much more than a memory. Our congregations seem asleep to the real and powerful grace of God, content to go through the weekly motions, hearing but not doing. Instead of making real disciples, we've started measuring our success by attendance numbers.

Your hope is to see people transformed, not just informed. But there are more hurdles standing in your way than ever before. Essential Practices can help. 

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Awaken your church. Make disciples. Transform lives. 

Transformed Caring Church

What is Essential Practices? 

A Unique Set of Tools - Essential Practices

A unique set of tools

Takes the spiritual disciplines Jesus modeled and shows people how to put them into practice

Essential Practices informed by neuroscience

Informed by neuroscience 

Combines advances in neuroscience with practices of the faith to position people for transformation


Made real by grace - Essential Practices

Made real by grace

Helps people build life-long habits that position them to receive God’s supernatural grace


Grounded in Scripture

Grounded in Scripture

Allows teachers and mentors to confidently explain the “Why?” behind each practice


Many Different Uses

Designed to be flexible

Can be used to enhance preaching, retreats, counseling, mentoring, and small groups

Enduring Impact

Relevant to everyday life

Makes faith relevant for believers who face hurts, fears, worries, losses, and failures

How Essential Practices can help your congregation


Get back to the Essentials

Experience the joy of seeing people experience real life transformation.
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Essential Practices
Essential Practices

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